A source of advanced information and market analysis focused on the development of pricing and risk management strategies for anyone in the business of buying or selling meat, or trading meat-related futures markets
Whether you're operating restaurants or supermarkets; a food distribution service; a processing or manufacturing facility; or an import/export trading company, you’re in a highly competitive business. Meat markets are volatile, and margins are often thin. A few pennies per pound can make enormous differences in your bottom line. In order to make the best possible decisions, it is essential to have the best possible information at your disposal.
Meat Markets Under a Microscope

Meat Markets Under a Microscope is a weekly publication discussing the situation and outlook for individual meat products and the factors that will influence prices in the future. We don’t attempt to touch every base, every week, but we do address the undercurrents that are changing, those which we feel require the most attention…and so the subject matter changes each week, as do the markets. What makes Meat Markets Under a Microscope unique is that we purposely avoid the "wishy-washiness" of most economic reports. As our subtitle reads, Meat Markets Under a Microscope is "sometimes wrong, usually scientific, but always candid".

Trading Cattle and Trading Hogs

We are active traders in cattle and hog futures markets, and we don’t mind telling you as precisely as possible what actions we’re taking in these markets along with our supportive reasoning. We’re not day-traders; our positions are designed to profit from intermediate and long term price moves, and successful positions typically are in place for a period of several weeks or more. As with Meat Markets Under a Microscope, these publications are summaries of the research that we must do in order to develop disciplined trading strategy. Trading Hogs is published weekly; Trading Cattle is published twice each week

Commodity Analyzer Client©

This product, developed by Code Star Software©, is a database tool designed for those who need quick access to supply and price data related to meat products. In addition to historical information, Commodity Analyzer Client© offers automatic, daily updates of publicly-available statistics such as meat prices, production, and inventory reports, all of which are easily customized and imported into your own data base format. For anyone who maintains his own data base or simply needs to look up information now and then, Commodity Analyzer Client© is a tremendous time-saver.

Subscription Information

All three publications--Meat Markets Under a Microscope, Trading Cattle, and Trading Hogs—are available for a single subscription price of $50 per month or $599 per year. To find out how to subscribe, please choose the "Subscribe" tab on our home page.

Commodity Analyzer Client is available for a separate subscription fee of $59 per month. To find out how to subscribe, please choose the "Subscribe" tab on our home page.