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A source of advanced information and market analysis focused on the development of pricing and risk management strategies for anyone in the business of buying or selling meat, or trading meat-related futures markets
Whether you're operating restaurants or supermarkets; a food distribution service; a processing or manufacturing facility; or an import/export trading company, you’re in a highly competitive business. Meat markets are volatile, and margins are often thin. A few pennies per pound can make enormous differences in your bottom line. In order to make the best possible decisions, it is essential to have the best possible information at your disposal.

About us

Procurement Strategies Inc. is a private consulting firm specializing in meat markets, assisting in the scientific formulation of optimal strategies for companies engaged in the buying and/or selling of meat products. Our strengths are derived from many years of experience in meat trading and futures trading; from extraordinarily advanced analytical techniques; and from efficient management and assimilation of large amounts of data relating to the discovery of meat prices.

Kevin BostOur company was founded in 2005 by Kevin Bost, who has traded livestock futures since 1979. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Arkansas and a Master's Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Illinois. He entered the business as a commodities broker in 1981, and moved on to serve as Agricultural Economist for USDA's Economic Research Service; as Director of Procurement Strategy for a nationwide cooperative of supermarket chains and distributors; and as Director of Supply Chain Management for one of the largest restaurant companies in the U.S. Through this experience, Kevin has developed an intimate knowledge of meat operations within the wholesale, retail, and restaurant segments, and the way in which budgeting, cost control, and market analysis come together to form a strategic advantage.

Dr. Branislav Cobanov Kevin is partnered with Dr. Branislav Cobanov, whose unusually proficient knowledge of statistical and forecasting methodology meshes uniquely with Kevin's analytical experience and PSI's extensive data base. A native of Serbia, Dr. Cobanov possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia; a Master of Science Degree in Software Systems from the University of Belgrade; an MBA degree from Otterbein College; and a PhD. from the Ohio State University. Dr. Cobanov has extensive experience with forecasting algorithms; neural networks; calculus; linear and Boolean algebra; FFT, DFT, "s" and "z" transformation; regression; ANOVA; GLM and mixed models; discrete data analysis; numerical analysis; and game theory, among other techniques. He is also familiar with the intricacies of many different programming languages, operating systems, and software packages.

PSI is thus qualified to discover and deliver information and strategies that are highly scientific and, at the same time, delivered in a form that is easy to understand.