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Whether you're operating restaurants or supermarkets; a food distribution service; a processing or manufacturing facility; or an import/export trading company, you’re in a highly competitive business. Meat markets are volatile, and margins are often thin. A few pennies per pound can make enormous differences in your bottom line. In order to make the best possible decisions, it is essential to have the best possible information at your disposal.

Here are the excerpts from this week's "Meat Markets Under a Microscope" report, by Kevin Bost.

August 7, 2019

Front and center in the meat markets is the Chinese governments declaration that it will immediately cease purchases of all U.S. agricultural products. That decree, of course, came in response to new tariffs levied by President Trump on yet another $300 billion worth of Chinese products, to become effective September 1.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Cattle...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

August 11, 2019

The fire that indefinitely disabled Tysons slaughter plant in Finney County, Kansas changes the landscape. It suddenly eliminates one of the major reasons for being long of August cattle, and so I will turn loose of that position, which I have held since late June. Bad luck. I now hold only a moderate short position in the October contract, which I entered Friday. That was good luck.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Hogs...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

August 4, 2019

I own a modest long position in October hogs as of last Thursday. In some way, I feel like I was suckered into this bet, enticed by the extraordinarily oversold condition of this market. The truth is, though, that the October and December contracts appear to be considerably undervalued; its just that I probably would have been a bit more patient about buying, had the market not gone straight down $12.65 in the first four trading days of the week (now, $13.97 in five trading days).
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