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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Meat Markets Under a Microscope" report, by Kevin Bost.

November 27, 2018

It would hardly be a bold prediction to say that the pork cutout value is on bottom right now. Last week it came within $1.54 per cwt of the August 24 low, which itself was within $.30 of a nine-year low. Hog slaughter should be at its peak next week, so the supply-side pressure should never be greater. [That peak probably would have occurred this week, were it not for the weather.] And a little bit of hindsight is helpful, as it came out of the gate yesterday on the plusside.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Cattle...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

December 1, 2018

I now hold a rather aggressive short position in June cattle, in addition to the long December / short June spread that I have owned for a bit more than two weeks now. I had considered exiting the spread at a 250-point December premium, but decided to give it one chance to push through its longstanding resistance at 275...which it did, and emphatically so. The nearest resistance on the chart is now 370; I intend to liquidate around 350. Since the sideways trend from which the spread has broken out is exceptionally well-defined and persisted for nearly five months, there might be room for a more extensive move; but as I explained last week, it does not look as though we're headed for a strong rally in the cash market during December.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Hogs...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

December 2, 2018

I hold a moderate long position in February hogs, with a close-only stop at $63.85 and an upside objective of approximately $70.50. Actually, if the market moves directly to $70.00 from here, I will step aside at that price.
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