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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Meat Markets Under a Microscope" report, by Kevin Bost.

May 13, 2018

It is widely believed that the beef market has achieved its seasonal top, and I have to go along with that notion. The combined Choice/Select cutout value changed little from Tuesday through Friday, pointing to either a pause in the uptrend or an ultimate peak. Assuming that the market is facing wave after wave of weekly steer and heifer kills in excess of 530,000; and given that Choice boneless ribeyes are practically matching their fall 2017 highs, and that Choice 0x1 strips are within 25c per pound of last spring's peak; and given that most chuck and round cuts are bumping up against major resistance levels; it seems likely that the next significant move in cutout values - especially of the Choice "flavor" - will be downward. [I should point out, though, that Select-grade strips and short loins are still roughly 75c per pound below their Memorial Day-through 4th of July 2017 peaks; thus, there is some significant upside potential remaining in these markets.] I try to summarize the situation in the chuck and round cuts below:
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Cattle...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

May 9, 2018

I remain uncommitted in the cattle market, fighting the Fear of Being Left Behind. I have become a bit more aggressive in my approach to the long side of the August contract - raising my buy orders just above $103.00 per cwt - but I still see no cause for urgency.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Hogs...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

May 10, 2018

I exited my long June / short October spread yesterday, and I have no other bets on the table a this time. It's looking more and more likely, though, that my next move will be an outright short position in the August contract and/or a short position in the June $80 calls.
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