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Whether you're operating restaurants or supermarkets; a food distribution service; a processing or manufacturing facility; or an import/export trading company, you’re in a highly competitive business. Meat markets are volatile, and margins are often thin. A few pennies per pound can make enormous differences in your bottom line. In order to make the best possible decisions, it is essential to have the best possible information at your disposal.

Here are the excerpts from this week's "Meat Markets Under a Microscope" report, by Kevin Bost.

August 8, 2018

These days, I am more vigilant of changes in foreign trade flows than usual, because I am trying to gauge both present and future impacts of the "tariff wars" that have broken out and do not seem to be subsiding. I have to try, because I'm betting my money on the outcome.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Cattle...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

August 13, 2018

I continue to hold an aggressive long position in August cattle and contemplating an outright long in the October contract and/or a long October/ short April spread.

The virtue of keeping my bet in the August is that it should have a pretty solid floor underneath. In order for the cash market to draw within a dollar of today's closing price on the board - a reasonable basis call for next week - either cutout values would have to lose $8 per cwt from this afternoon's quote or, if cutout values were to hold steady from here (whereas something higher is more likely), then spot packer margins would have to widen by $60 per head from this past week's average. The latter is the more likely of two unlikely possibilities.
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Here are the excerpts from this week's "Trading Hogs...from a meat market perspective" report, by Kevin Bost.

August 9, 2018

Today's price action was pretty impressive, and may have marked the ultimate bottom in the February contract - which is still the one I intend to buy.
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