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A source of advanced information and market analysis focused on the development of pricing and risk management strategies for anyone in the business of buying or selling meat, or trading meat-related futures markets
Whether you're operating restaurants or supermarkets; a food distribution service; a processing or manufacturing facility; or an import/export trading company, you’re in a highly competitive business. Meat markets are volatile, and margins are often thin. A few pennies per pound can make enormous differences in your bottom line. In order to make the best possible decisions, it is essential to have the best possible information at your disposal.

Information about the meat markets is easy to obtain. There are a multitude of sources. So what makes PSI any different?

We are always forward-looking

Most of the reports that you read today are merely descriptions of what has already happened. You’re probably more interested in what’s going to happen. Of course, you know that no one can predict the future….but would it not be more useful to hear about the future instead of the past?

We are not afraid to "lay it on the line"

Right or wrong, we'll tell you what we're thinking. We'll tell you what we think we know, and what we don't know. "Wishy-Washiness" is what we try to avoid most of all.

Our own money is at risk

While provision of information is the primary business of PSI, this information is a natural product of the research we must do to support our own trading business in both cash meat and futures markets. In other words, the information we share forms the foundation for our own trading strategies. This means that we are paying particularly close attention to the details behind our analysis.

Our analysis is based on scientific, statistically-oriented techniques

Forecasts are not made on the basis of intuition, nor are they based merely on seasonal trends; they are grounded in statistical probability, based on objective assessment of supply and demand conditions, making use of an extensive data base and advanced analytical techniques.

We are not new at this game

With nearly 40 years of experience trading livestock futures and more than 25 years of direct experience in procurement of meat products for major supermarket and restaurant chains, PSI is equipped to deliver a seasoned and disciplined approach to development of procurement and hedging strategies.